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        K.L. Spear, M.D., President and Dermatologist

        K.L. Spear, M.D., founded Spear Pharmaceuticals after more than 20 years of work in the field of dermatology. His experience led him to believe that by helping people improve the condition of their skin, he could also have a positive impact on their lives. And by understanding the pharmaceutical market, he knew that he could provide that kind of help to thousands of patients around the country. Dr. Spear attended the University of Illinois as an undergraduate and attended Medical School there as well. He graduated from the prestigious Mayo Clinic as a Dermatologist in 1983 and he practiced Dermatology in Florida for 18 years until 2001. In 1993 he founded Spear Pharmaceuticals with this mission: To develop Bioequivalent Dermatologic Drugs that are off patent, giving patients identical, affordable alternatives through the patented DERMIDENTICAL? process.